Dorota Oleś, a Polish marketing translator and transcreator, subtitler, and editor

English & Spanish to Polish marketing translator

A native Polish marketing translator, subtitler, and editor based in Poland. I enable sports brands and resorts based in the US and Europe to reach their Polish-speaking audience through translation and transcreation of their marketing content.

Also, I’m a polyglot (I speak 5 languages) and a passionate skier and traveler. In my free time, I like traveling to new places and meeting new people, reading detective novels and watching detective movies, doing crosswords, and skiing in the winter.

After graduation in Spanish Translation and Interpreting (Master’s degree), I did a Postgraduate Diploma for Translators of Specialized Texts in Polish and Spanish. In 2020, I founded my translation business, przeTŁUMACZ Dorota Oleś.

Translation services in Polish I can provide you with:

  • translation,
  • transcreation,
  • proofreading,
  • copy editing,
  • transcription of recordings and videos.


My way to becoming a marketing translator

Foreign languages have always fascinated me. My adventure with languages started with English, like in case of the majority of people born in the 1990s; I had English classes in a primary school. Learning this language was so interesting that I participated in many competitions. Later on, I improved my English skills in a language school and during trips abroad (trips with friends, a language camp, student exchange programs).

Three years later, I started learning French in a DELF class (doubled number of French classes). The name comes from a French language exam called DELF (diplôme de la langue française). As French was another language I loved, I continued learning it for the next 9 years at school and university.

At the university, I also started learning Russian and Spanish. I have always known that Spanish is a beautiful language, but I never thought it would impress me so much. In the end, I decided to do a Master’s degree in Spanish Translation and Interpreting.

It was during that time at the university that I actually translated my first documents. After many years of learning various languages and a few years of translating, I realized I wanted to be a translator once I graduated. To become more specialized, I continued my academic education and earned a Postgraduate Diploma for Translators of Specialized Texts in Polish and Spanish.

Being a marketing translator

While I was still studying, for about 6 months, I was translating general and marketing texts from English into Polish and writing copies in Polish related to banking sector, fashion and food industry. Then, during my internships in Poland and abroad, I made use of my language and translation skills. This was a very enriching experience.

In 2020, I started my translation business, przeTŁUMACZ Dorota Oleś. Since then, I have been translating English and Spanish marketing materials and content (brochures, leaflets, posters, business cards, and social media and website content, etc.) related to sports, fashion, tourism, and hospitality into Polish. So far, I have worked with sports apparel and footwear brands, hotels, and travel agencies based in the US and Europe like yours.

Apart from that, I have also subtitled TED Talks of various fields from English and Spanish into Polish since 2021 and I have been editing Polish copies. Learn more about my services.

Do you have any questions regarding my translation services? Or maybe you have a project coming up that you would like to discuss with me? Feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn.

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